Component Driven Development.
Build Web Application (Server and Client) like never before.
Network of components to support your application.
SaaS platform of Components & Services developed by the community, Enable Development of solutions by connection components (Directives), Make your developments process simpler

Our Mission statement

Our Aim is to support Complex functionality as a Service such as chat, resource upload, database, messaging and more. While keeping your Web Site Development Simple, without losing the power to customize those components to your needs.

Awesome Components

The platform provides essential components that implement out of the box common development challanges: Web Sockets, Login, Forum, Questionears.

It is an online environment that helps you with the developments process, Understands your context and offers common components used by the community in simulare cases.

Development Enviorment

The online development environment is a set ot tools that makes it easy to put things together, You can develop Components & Applications from anywhere, And anyone can use it from everywhere..

Client & Server working together.

When working with Components in your application, You add solutions into your application.

Example components Chat, Forum, ,Resource upload, Slide show, and more, All thouse components can display, share, and persist data.

Free to start, scale with ease

Most WeldPad features are free forever & Some features you only pay once you begin to grow.

When your app is a breakout hit, you don't have to worry about scaling your server code or provisioning extra capacity — WeldPad handles that for you.

Help WeldPad to grow!

WeldPad is an open community. So it needs you! You can support its development and community in many ways.